Welcome to Dahlman Seed Company

The Dahlman Heritage

dahlman-family-94-yearDahlman Seed has been an independent, family owned seed company since 1922. We take great pride in selling premium seed that’s performance proven across a wide range of environments. Our production, processing and conditioning are focused on providing you, our customers, with the highest quality products available on the market today.

Thank you for growing Dahlman products on your farm! We greatly appreciate doing business with you and wish you continued success in your farming operation.

Premium Seed. Premium Production

As an independent seed company, Dahlman has complete control over all phases of genetic selection, seed production and seed processing. Our emphasis in all these areas is on quality. That means you can count on Dahlman products year-after-year for excellent seed quality and outstanding performance.


Superior Genetics

Dahlman corn and soybean genetics are developed by the best plant breeders in the industry. How well a crop withstands drought, resists disease and insects, stands, uses nutrients, dry’s down, and yields is built into the genes over years of plant breeding and trait development. We then find superior genetics and upgrade our corn and soybean portfolio so we can build you a mix of products designed to excel on each of your fields. Next we educate our sales managers and dealers about each product so each recommendation delivers the highest yield potential possible.

The Leading Traits

Dahlman tests and selects traits from industry-leading sources for corn and soybean technologies. The traits we market have been proven to be beneficial before we recommend them for your fields. Looking ahead the trait pipeline is packed full of opportunity for the seed industry. The drought gene for corn will be one important feature for many growers who irrigate or farm in more arid regions. For soybeans great strides have been made recently in increasing yield with the development of Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®. Next this proven trait will be enhanced with Dicamba tolerance coming soon to manage weeds even better.