Shelly Wheat

 “Shelly” is the newest wheat variety developed by the University of Minnesota.

shelly-wheatReleased in January, 2016, Shelly is a high-yielding spring wheat variety well suited for much of the spring wheat-growing region.

In state trials it yielded equal to the popular varieties “Faller” and “Prosper,” but with slightly better protein. The heading date of Shelly is similar to Faller. It possesses a good disease-resistance package with moderate resistance to scab, leaf rust and bacterial leaf streak. It also has an excellent rating for resistance to stripe and stem rust. Shelly is slightly shorter than Faller and has similar straw strength. It has good test weight and pre-harvest sprouting resistance.

Jochum Wiersma, University of Minnesota Extension Agronomist, says, “Shelly is a nice compliment in the strong University of Minnesota line-up of HRSW cultivars and replaces Norden in the top yield segment.  It is a strong contender to replace both Faller and its sister line Prosper, which together have accounted for roughly a third of Minnesota’s wheat acreage in recent years.”

The new release is named after the town of Shelly, Minnesota.  It is on the west side of Norman County, Minnesota, near the Red River and in prime wheat growing country.