Grower Comments

I have been planting Dahlman seed products for 10 years. Dahlman corn has the best standability that I have ever seen. It is also the best for drydown. In 10 years of planting Dahlman I have yet to use a dryer. Corn yields are well over 200 bu and soybeans average 65 to 75 BU.

— Wiley P., Pepin, WI

I first noticed Dahlman Seeds in the UW corn trials, where they consistently had top end yields with low moisture. The quality of seed in the bag and the tremendously better emergence than other brands also convinced me to plant Dahlman on all my acres. Dahman Seeds perform and the folks that work there provide great service with a family-like atmosphere.

— Chris H., Marshfield, WI

Dahlman has some very good in the 90 – 98 day maturity range. It has produced well for me the past few years and I’m going to stay with it.

— Dahlman Customer, West Central, MN

I’ve been totally satisfied with the performance of Dahlman corn. It ranks right up there with the bigger companies in yield, test weight and drydown

— Dahlman Customer, McLeod County, MN

Dahlman sticks to what they do best, which is produce quality seed. I think their service is real good and they want us to succeed and will work with us for financing and payment options.

— Dahlman Customer, Waseca County, MN

Quality of the Dahlman Seed is excellent and it always has high germination

— Dahlman Customer, Renville County, MN

The Color Sorter that Dahlman uses does a real good job of kicking out any bad seed. It’s really a step beyond regular gravity tables. I can tell that it works because there is no cracked seed in the bag and germination is almost always 100%

— Dahlman Customer, Stearns County, MN

I think Dahlman has reputable products. The seed looks good in the bag, it looks big. There are no cracks in it. There is no inert material in the bag. That means the seed will plant better and come up better.

— Dahlman Customer, Pepin County, WI

I like doing business with Dahlman because of the quality of the product and the way they do business. They are a family owned business, and I like to support family owned businesses.

— Dahlman Customer, Goodhue County, MN

Dahlman is a family owned company and they’re not in the seed business only for the money they can make. They are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. For example, if you need financing, they will help you find it. If they know you, and know you will pay, they are willing to work with you

— Dahlman Dealer, Stearns County, MN

The service from Dahlman is great. They have very good products overall and very good seed quality

— Dahlman Dealer, West Central, MN

A few years ago Dahlman put in that new color sorter, and the germination now is almost perfect. I never see any cracked seed or off-colored seed. It’s uniform and clean and the plantability is excellent.

— Dahlman Dealer, Wisconsin

Growers like the fact Dahlman has remained independent when other companies have been bought up. Being a family owned company allows Dahlman to provide hands on service, which we really appreciate

— Dahlman Dealer, Goodhue County, MN

Farmers who plant Dahlman know they will get consistency, year after year. It doesn’t matter if there is a drought, they will still get consistent yield

— Dahlman Dealer, West Central, MN

I started raising Dahlman Seed when it was $33 a bag and Funks was $55. The Dahlman came out better, and I’ve been planting it ever since. I have planted it 20 years or more. It has good quality, standability, yield is always good. It’s great seed and they’re a great family company to sell for.

— Lyle R., Brownton, MN

We’ve grown Dahlman corn for 25 years and it has never failed us. It stands well, drys down well and yields well. Guys are always asking us what corn we plant because the test weight is good. We’re hauling test weights of 59-60 pounds this year. You can’t get a better company to work with. I’m very satisfied.

— Mark S., Hutchinson, MN

Dahlman has excellent seed, very clean and quality is excellent. I think their color sorter makes a big difference. I’ve sold for other companies and Dahlman seed is tops. Germination is very good and corn is very uniform. Almost every kernel we put in grows. Corn is very uniform in the field.

— Harlan W., Watertown, MN

Our family is in the 3rd generation of planting Dahlman Seed. My dad started the dealership in the 60’s, and I continued it and now my son is farming and raising Dahlman. They are a very knowledgeable family oriented business with excellent quality and very good genetics. We really like the germination and the way the corn comes out of the ground.

— Al W., Sandborn, MN

I’ve always had great success with Dahlman corn. Seed quality is excellent, never any foreign material in the bag. The corn germinates well, produces a very nice stand. It gets consistent yields, always in the top 3 if not the best. I like the fact Dahlman is a family company… their service is great. Soybeans do well too.

— Richard L., Montevideo, MN

I’ve planted Dahlman for 20 years… never had a bad variety. I’ve had it in different plots and it has always yielded the best or near the top. Germination is excellent and stands are very good. It always comes out of the ground great.No complaints, excellent all the way around.

— Frank F., Garfield, MN

We’ve had great success with Dahlman for five years on both soybeans and corn. They produce a very nice quality seed…there’s always real good germination and good stands. Performance has been excellent.

— Dennis F., Welch, MN